finally, a Saturday

This is one Saturday I’ve been waiting for. There’s nothing really special about this day. It’s a Saturday. It’s the start of a weekend I’ve been looking forward to since Sunday evening – because it’s my only chance to sleep without the need to set the alarm clock.

For most of the week, I needed to wake up at about six or seven in the morning to get to the workplace at eight. The evenings were spent attempting to finish editing some manuscripts. I did edit the outputs. I just never got to finishing them. By tomorrow evening, I should be sending the final copy of the manuscripts ready for printing first thing Monday morning.

It’s been quite a productive week. I have clear recollection of how I got to finish everything I needed to – well, most of it at least – but I’m glad the past week’s over. I’m looking forward this coming week. A lot of things depend on what will be happening next week.

I’ve been lax in maintaining the supposedly daily blog in  the past two weeks. I realized earlier this morning I lacked a dozen entries. There’s no excuse on that, I know. I will also be working on completing those entries.

Spent the entire morning cleaning the apartment. Cleared cobwebs, cleaned the sink, loo, changed the sheets, washed the fan blades (it’s been spewing dust in the past month). About three hours later and I’m enjoying my breakfast at two in the afternoon. I’m breathing better. It’s a good start for the day.

This weekend’s going to be a busy one.


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