sleep: not happening

I need sleep. I found time. Still, I can’t get into that restful state. I’ve watched all  movies and tv series stored in the hard drive. All I need is sleep.

When I close my eyes, pages of my advisees’ research drafts hover. A few minutes later, I would realize that I have been editing the content of their outputs. I need to sleep. My head has been pounding for the last… it’s been quite a while since I last slept without fearing an alarm setting (which doesn’t really work).

Please give me a long restful sleep this weekend and I’ll do better at all the editing I need to complete. Grant my neighbors some headphones for their after midnight movie/tv series marathon. It’s nicely cold at this time (although it’s supposed to be summer), I have the comforter ready, and a free day. Grant me some sleep, please?


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