Fri(ed) day

I was able to finish some work. Most of the work’s done!

Meaning, there’s something left to be completed. I’m beat. My brain’s fried. I can’t process. Everything’s in slow motion. There’s that constant hammering from inside the skull. I’m seeing 3D – without the glasses. And it’s really not helping that I feel guilty and unproductive for not being able to complete the job.

I know I’ll be spending the weekend in dread, uptight, and anxious, waiting for that email reply. But right now, I’m willing to experience that level of dread (dragged over the weekend)  if it means I get to rest this brain for now. I’ve been editing outputs, processing, making sense of things at work even in my dreams for the last month nonstop.

This is one of those moments. I’ve done all that I can. I’ve got nothing more. Such a great Friday.


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