one down

My door remained pinned for an entire day. I spent most of the weekend sleeping.

I never touched any of the things I planned to work on. I do wonder why I spent Fridays listing tasks for the weekend knowing that not an entry would be crossed come Monday morning.

It’s with the same “just in case” and “you’ll never know” hope as with hauling student outputs at home then bring them back to the office the next day – not a single paper checked. Well, they do serve as arm weights.

This weekend, I was of no use. I just slept. I didn’t know when I’ll have the chance to sleep free of alarm settings again. Maybe next weekend 😀

This morning, I did wake up feeling recharged. Well I should be. If I were a character in the Sims game, I would have had three (or more) full green tubes on rest/sleep.

I completed the evaluation report – at last. After days of encoding and making sense out the data, I was finally able to hit send to submit the report. Ah, the delight in checking the box beside a task. (I am aware this sounds a little pathetic.)

I’m just glad to complete one deliverable before the deadline.


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