of dreams of travel

Recent trips of friends inspired me to organize daydreams of travel. I really don’t have the funds for now. So I’ll just make do with preparing the list 😀

One major hindrance is my  unfamiliarity with the Manila commute, which I really need to work on to get to the airport. If I had money, I just rent a van to avoid the two-hour travel from the province to the airport. To return to Albay, I could opt for the less-than-an-hour plane trip to Legazpi, especially with the reduced rates. But I’d rather take the eight-hour bus ride home  because I’m familiar with the route and there’s no need to go to Manila.

Backpacking from north to south. Before I reach 40, I would want to reach the northern and southern -most part of the country (not in that order). I don’t have an idea what the names of these areas are. I’ll just figure it out later. Internet sources provided different places. I find a more credible site.

Jeepney travels. I’d want to see how far I’d reach (and spend) and where I’d find myself travelling by jeepney. I really just want to know if it’s possible for me to travel by jeepney from Laguna to my hometown, how many transfers that would take, and how much I’d be spending. It would be nice if I could expand the coverage up north and in the southern main islands.

Of beaches and coasts. Wouldn’t it be nice to trace the easter and western sides of the country? I’m not that interest in beaches since I grew up in a town of public beaches and islands. But it would be great to trace the eastern and/or western side of even just Luzon. The Visayas would be a tricky part. Mindanao would perhaps take forever.

On wheels. I dream of travelling from town to town around Laguna (or Albay – or Bicol?) in a bike. I still don’t have a bicycle 😀 Will still be working on that. This other dream, I don’t know if (and when) it will happen. I want to drive from Laguna to Albay. That would require a vehicle and license – none of which I have at the moment.

Island life. For at least a week, I’d like to stay in Natirisan, the island with hundred steps, back in my hometown. We went there for a visit but for only a day. We climbed the hundred steps to reach the top of the island and we met men balancing two large basketful of coconuts and other produce at both ends of a sturdy bamboo. While we were out of breath by just climbing the steep steps, these men (-and children!) were gracefully balancing their loads as they made their way up or down the steps.

South Korea. Call me shallow but I really want to visit South Korea because of my obsession with their movies and series 😀

I didn’t realize there was a lot of trips I wanted to take. I don’t usually take interest in trips because they usually mean expenses. It wasn’t something our family took interest in. We took trips to parts of Manila to spend the summer with relatives – and all I wanted to do the entire time was sleep. It wasn’t until college that I got to enjoy trips. Just getting out of the town I was staying in is enough to make me relax.

When I turn 40 (but hopefully I get to do one trip before turn 30), I wish I would be writing another post. This time, it would written in past tense accompanied by photographs of places I’ve gone to and more importantly, the people I have met.


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