the long walk

I tested the route during my last stay at home during  the Christmas break. It’s the longest track I’ve walked-jogged. I remember waking up late. It was daybreak when I started. I got tan lines when I returned home.

It’s great to jog/walk in our hometown. Few vehicles pass the town main roads sheltered by old trees. In some parts, the road that you’re taking is in the middle of rice fields. Farther the view, you’d see the sea and the islands on one side and the mountains and Mt. Mayon on the other. The roads are concrete friendly to joggers. There will be people outside their house early in the morning so there will be some curious stares.

From the Poblacion, we passed Quitnong, Hindi intersection, Panarayon, Sogod, and reached San Jose. From San Jose we walked by the national road which had relatively more vehicles – truck and busses passing by from lower Bonga to Hindi. The road in Hindi was a bit easier to deal with. The walk from Sogod to San Jose was almost a hike. This time it was descending.

Earlier today, my sisters and I took the same path. This time, we walked. At the start of the walk, we were chatting. Come Panarayon area onwards, no one was talking. Talking and walking used more energy.

It took us two hours to return home. Even if we didn’t talk much, I believe I had fun. Jogging and walking on my own would have made me complete the trip faster but it wouldn’t be as fun.

My sisters and I completed a 10km walk – or more.


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