back in high school

Eight years after I graduated from high school, nothing much has changed I guess. I’m still bad at names. I’m familiar with the faces but know only a few names. I never claimed to be sociable. The name forgetting part, that, I know is something I am working on. Found myself at a loss when I was attempting to tag names to the photos from the gathering.

I am aware that there’s that awkwardness when I join my high school batch mates. I haven’t been very friendly and I did not stay in touch – even with people I spent most of my high school days with. If I happened to see them, then okay. I never really initiated contact. There is a few friends I feel comfortable with. They’re usually the ones I’ve had alcohol sessions with.

Spent an afternoon recycling a tarpaulin poster into our batch’s streamer. There wasn’t enough time to have our poster printed. I vowed to have the truck covered with posters in 2013 just never to experience that back (and neck) breaking paint session. Plus, the output left A LOT to be desired. I did tell my batch mates. I was happy though when I saw a photo of them grinning with the banner during the parade. Although I happy I wasn’t there 😀

It was nice seeing faces that I used to encounter on a daily basis, to know what happened to the seat mates, and to feel that awkwardness. Eight years and not much has changed, well, except my hip and waist (among other things). My batchmates did point that out. But I’m glad to find out I wasn’t the only one 😀


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