welcome distraction

Still dreading tomorrow. I’ll get through it somehow.

I’m looking forward to accomplishing the last task for this semester. Got a letter to write and papers to deal with. It’s a welcome distraction to not think about tomorrow. If I haven’t emphasized it enough, it’s the most dreaded task I have been assigned. I’d be happier with a desk study or writing something than face a crowd. We’re off to an early start tomorrow.

I met with the mother yesterday. She’s preparing for her trip back to Australia with the boyfriend. She requested me to settle a few things in preparation for the third sister’s arrival later that week over coffee. Got a surprise shopping treat. That’s always welcome 😀

I was also reminded to make the arrangements for tomorrow’s lunch with the boyfriend. It’s the first time I’d be meeting the boyfriend. We have talked through the phone. I’ve gotten mixed reviews from the eldest and third sisters. Have to find a really nice place for lunch. Again, a welcome distraction from tomorrow’s task.


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