looking forward to lunch

Finally! I’ll get that sleep tonight. Got through the program on time.

What a relief! Left the office immediately to make reservations for lunch. The lunch was okay. I forgot I’d be conversing in English. The jaw ached after. the Australian slang takes a while to get used to. Mother’s new boyfriend and I did manage to keep the conversation flowing. My eldest niece (I’ve got two courtesy of the eldest sister who joined us later) joked about how I seemed to have been put through a thesis defense. Mother’s boyfriend asked about work and my studies with some follow up questions.

It was a long lunch. I don’t know how the have lunch in Australia. But this one’s quite a long one. Somehow, we wanted to make a good impression to the new boyfriend for the mother’s sake. Plus it’s really nice to have some family get together.

I enjoyed lunch. I wish the family would have more gatherings like this – perhaps in a relatively more affordable place 😀


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