Subtract A from B and there it was – my net worth. “So this is how much -rather, how little – I’m worth,” I told myself after I completed accomplishing the first of three copies for the statement of assets and liabilities. It wasn’t much. It wasn’t as low as I thought it would be. I don’t know if it’s something good or not.

Spent about three hours in disbelief – about a lot of things. I received this amount?! And the remembered that I also got deductions and expenses. There were a few surprises I found pleasing. I didn’t know I could save some. What I learned in that savings for me should be forced or automatically deducted before the salary reaches my ATM account. Otherwise it’d go poof! after a self-pity attack,  usually followed by careless purchases.

I’m just happy I passed the form on time 😀


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