summer 2011

Summer is the most challenging time to stay in the apartment. It’s like a sauna in there especially at noon. A two-story  duplex blocks any breeze which my place needs. Installing an air conditioning unit is out of the question. I’ll be depending on the electric fan for a long time. Good thing I didn’t skimp on that one. It’s been operating nonstop without fail.

So I escape to the office to avoid the summer hell noons. We’re not really required to report in the office during the summer. With this heat, I’d rather go to work during the summer in the comfort of the office.

This summer, the sudden change in weather caused greater discomfort (?). A sunny morning, scorching noon, and then there’s heavy rain and thunderstorms in the late afternoon and/or evening. If your immune system is down, you’re bound to experience severe headache (worse, migraine) and the flu.

The good thing about it is that no one really bothers you even if you wear turtleneck or jacket under the scorching sun. The weather will agree with your outfit sometime within the day.


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