family chat

I got to chat with my aunt last night. She’s in town to visit her grandson, my nephew. I know she’s finding it hard to cope in a new routine without the grandson. She was quite fond of him. She’s the person the nephew ran to whenever he got a scolding from my sister.

The aunt used to work in a travel agency. She shared tips in traveling and told stories of Pinoys in her travels to Europe.

More than the travel stories, it’s the chat part that I appreciated. It was quite a long one. It’s seldom for people in the family to have that long a talk. I know the oldies (a term of endearment, I promise) have a lot to share. Perhaps, us younger ones never really encouraged them to tell their stories. Our excuse would be that there’s not much opportunity for chat back home.

We compared reviews of novels and writers and movies, stands on issues, and of course local gossip. But their stories, we never really got to discuss. I’d love to hear from them. I just need to work on how to start.

So much for being a communication graduate.


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