Then there was three.

We welcomed May with the arrival of the third sister to settle in town. My sister and her son will be staying. There’s my sister, her son, their nanny, and bugsy the hamster. That’s something worth looking forward to in the future. Got the nephew here and I do hope I would be spending more time with family instead of sleeping.

Got someplace to spend the weekends and more importantly, somewhere to watch TV 😀 I spent the last three days glued to the screen. I did get sick of the repetitive content across channels after the first day.

I believe I’d be spending more time outside the apartment. One of my coworkers noticed that I’ve gotten darker. My toes were never dipped in a pool, not even with even wet sand. I’ve gotten darker in the past three days just by walking to my sister’s house.

The thing about having family nearby, more things will be affecting your decisions. Some things will definitely change. There’d be new things that’d make you happy – or frustrate you. More surprises. One’s routine would be disrupted – and one would never be able to figure if it’s a good thing or not.

Perhaps, that’s what make life more interesting.

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