Thursday glutton

I got a call from the eldest sister  at about one in the afternoon. A bad case of pizza craving. Auntie Pearl’s it is. Good thing I haven’t eaten lunch yet. We’re talking about the best pizza (and burger) in Grove area here in Los Baños.

We love the food here. By food, let me limit that to their selection of pizza and their burger. Auntie Pearl’s is one place where you’d be seating with people who put premium to good food more than comfort. It’s a summer afternoon let me tell you, but we’re willing to wait in in a room with the oven just a few meters away. That’s how good their pizza is. We could have opted for the pizza places with air-conditioning. The food just ain’t as good as Auntie Pearl’s.

Here, the food feels (and tastes) real. They prepare their own dough. None of those frozen or manufactured-en-masse-then-delivered ones. They ask you how many slices you’d want in your pizza. You’re provided with cold water by default. You’ve got a gracious host.

Devoured a 12″ meaty and veggies (or something like that) pizza and tasted their junior belly buster burger. Enjoyed the meal with mango shakes and lots of ice cold water. My sister and I gave up on finishing the entire pizza – with two (out of eight) surviving slices.

If the food is this good, I’d wait meters away from the oven, at the mercy of the just-past noon summer heat – anytime.


2 thoughts on “Thursday glutton”

  1. hey, thanks for the nice write up. please introduce yourself next time you come to the resto either to me – auntie pearl or uncle frank. by the way, in a few weeks we’ll have a new section to open – a much more comfortable place far away from the hot oven!!! keep up the nice blog. see you soon…..ciao!

    1. Thanks! We had another glutton session at the place to celebrate the third sister’s new job. It was late in the afternoon and we tried the table at the back. It was quite comfortable there. We stayed for more than two hours. It was the third sister’s first time there and my, did she enjoy the belly buster burger and pizza experience. Great service as always 😀

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