summer in spots: day 1

I have chicken pox.

I took quite a while before I processed the information. I’ve been exposed to the third sister and the nephew who had chicken pox. That was a week ago. Yesterday, I thought it was just the weather. I usually get the flu when I’m sleep deprived and there’s crazy weather.

It felt like the joints would disengage. I felt tired as if I’ve been running. The head felt heavy. Heavy breathing and sweat beaded even with just a normal paced walk. It felt hot and cold at the same time. I don’t even know how that’s possible. Usually, I’d just sleep it off and I’d be okay. This was a different case.

When I woke up this morning, I disregarded the a blister in my neck. It could have been an insect bite or a pimple. The eldest and third sister came by with my nephew to fetch me to spend the day with them. Come evening and more spots became visible in the face and neck area.

This was the best time to have chicken pox, I consoled myself. At least it’s summer. I don’t have work and there’s time to deal with the scars later. had I known what would happen in the next days, I would have had myself vaccinated against chicken. So every time I meet someone who has yet to experience chicken pox, it has become an advocacy to encourage them to get vaccines for chicken pox.

The next two weeks, I’d rather not experience again.


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