summer in spots: day 4

It’s my aunt’s birthday. Just saying.

Still more spots surfaced. It’s only been four days. It feels like a week already. I know I have two weeks before I can go out. And more weeks to deal with the scars.

It feels like I’m in an asylum. It’s not really helping that the apartment in painted in off white color. Talk about lively.

The only thing keeping me sane are the visits of my sister and nephew and the text messages from my family. The third sister has been kind enough to buy me groceries and most importantly, tube ice.

I have the fever every night. Good luck with getting sleep. It feels like I’m going to burst into flames. Regular intake of water and frequent baths help the body cool down. More water. It’s impossible to get a restful sleep because I’d wake up every hour of thirst, throat dry and head pounding. If I could sleep in the bathroom I would.

Although the thought of requesting my sister to purchase a large drum in my behalf did enter my mind – a lot of times. A soak in ice cold water, tube ice floating generously – my idea of heaven.


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