summer in spots: day 7

Woke up feeling better. At least I managed to write something and draw a little for the day.

My sister brought me some DVDs to keep me sane. I’m running out of movies. Their visits are always welcome. They’re my only human contact. I asked my five-year old nephew if he found her aunt’s appearance awful. He answered yes. Such honesty. Then I asked if he still loved his aunt. Again, he answered yes. Perhaps the answers were conditioned by the question format.

Playfully I asked if he would be willing to kiss his aunt on the cheek if it could cure her. He thought for a while and he answered that his aunt should get a little better first. A euphemism for no?

The nephew has been an enthusiastic visitor thanks to his discover of 7eleven and of course his concern for the aunt. He was kind enough to share his buy-one-take-one burger and donuts with the sick aunt and asked how I was. That’s more than enough.

In all their visits, I did feel guilty that I never get spend that much time with my family. That would change.


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