summer in spots: day 8

Start of week 2 of solitary confinement. I’m amazed by the number of movies and Tv series I have watched and re-watched. It feels like I haven’t been out in a month. Hours drag by.

I content myself with color pencils and marker pens. I’m hoping they’d make me feel productive somehow. Plus, it’s relaxing. Most importantly, I’m running out of series and movies and trailers to watch. I’ve read all the most posts in the blogs and websites I subscribe to. Even new Facebook status and updates take too long to register. There’s nothing much left to do. So doodling, it is.

I found that I could not complete ideas to be able to write. I just manage to jot down few phrases. Nothing makes sense. I’ll just organize them later – when the brain is processing better. With doodles, I just need to repeat lines. That’s way easier.


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