summer in spots: day 11

The pretest. We have a trip to Bulacan tomorrow. I need to pretest the acceptability of this face out in public. It’s the stare count I’m interested in. I keep hoping people would just think of it as a bad case of acne.

I’m that individual sweating in a black turtleneck long-sleeved top under the summer noon sun. To make things worse, there was blackout in the office in the afternoon. Great. Just great. Good thing it rained later in the afternoon.

More important than the pretest, was the gathering of three college friends. Who would have thought that we’d be catching up after four years of failed plans to meet. It felt great having these two college friends around.

There’s a lot things I am thankful for: (1) being in the company of friends I’ve not been with in a long time; (2) getting out of solitary confinement at last; and (3) being able to enjoy great coffee once more.


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