Off to Bulacan. Glad to be out of Los Baños for the day.

Sleep never came last night. I was too worried I’d be late for the 5:30 am departure time that I wasn’t able to sleep. This is the first day back to work after the chicken pox induced solitary confinement.

I did manage to get some sleep during the four-hour travel to the site. Spent most of the day stifling yawns silently hoping the resource speakers would think I was uninterested in their discussion.

I’m thankful to be in the company of really nice people. Even with a face of dots and a knitted jacket during the summer, they still opted to engage in a conversation with me 😀

Got more sleep on another four-hour travel on the way back to Elbi. I was a bit disappointed to come home to a dry Elbi evening. It was pouring from Quezon City to Alabang area.

There I was looking forward to snuggling under the comforter on a rainy evening. Still, it was a good day.


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