flipped, it is

In my almost two weeks mandatory solitary vacation, I’ve managed to watch and re-watch a lot of movies courtesy of a colleague’s friend and the colleague’s friend’s other friends. Before the chicken pox, I was nearly finished with the movies. I needed to re-watch and for some cases watch for the fourth time the movies I enjoyed to pass (a lot of) time.

FlippedBecoming JanePride and Prejudice, and Inception top the list of the most repeatedly watched movies.

Flipped is a favorite. It’s a simple story of Bryce and Juli told in such a heartwarming manner. The plot may have been used in a lot of movies but the way the story was told presenting two perspectives, it makes one feel giddy, irritated, and … basically, what one feels during childhood.

The two scenes I loved the most were the scene where Juli’s dad explained something about the whole being greater than the parts in people and the evening walk when Bryce’s grandfather uttered the line, “Every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent. And when you do, nothing will ever compare.”


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