Got what I asked for. It’s not exactly the sign I wanted to “see” but I grateful for it. Now, I’d have no more excuses. The sisters confirmed it was about time. And then I realized, it took me this long to get that?! Slow, yes I know.

Had dinner to welcome the third sister back to Elbi and to celebrate my being out of solitary confinement. Still covered in spots but the pretest results show my appearance is somehow acceptable. I just look like someone who’s got a bad case of acne or someone who recently received a treatment from the dermatologist – or someone recovering from chicken pox.

The eldest sister and I had lunch earlier on. She was worried about my appetite. Consumed less than the “usual”. I’ve got high appreciation for food and I’ve always followed my father’s advise never to leave anything on my plate 😀 This particular lunch, I had difficulty finishing the meal. Even I was worried. Then again, perhaps the stomach capacity’s just in the adjustment phase.

During the solitary confinement, didn’t really get to enjoy food. I couldn’t even finish a bowl of cereal. Even I was surprised. That was definitely something not normal for me.

By dinner, it was the end of the adjustment phase. Back to normal 😀


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