off the list

I strongly disliked this lady at the New Accounts section. She wouldn’t let me open an account with the address I had when I was a college freshman. She wasn’t offering alternatives. She just told be to open the account in the province with my permanent address, which I can’t because it would take for months for the semester to be over and that’s the only time I get to go home. And I need the account so the parents can transfer money for my allowance. I ended up opening the account at another bank with more friendly staff.

For the first time in four years as a student and another (almost) four years as a university employee, she was nice to me today. She was nice to me. That took some time to process and all those years of dislike went poof. Perhaps, she’s in a better mood. I’m happy for her.

It’s nice to remove someone from the People-I-dislike list. It makes one feel way better.


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