high school days: bands

I can’t even remember how I even started, I just found myself watching listening to Nickelback online at one in the morning.

The Calling, Nickelback, and Creed were the bands I turned up the radio volume for back in high school. We could not afford the available portable music players then. Heck, I wasn’t even able to buy their albums, cassette tapes during those days, except for The Calling’s Camino Palmero album. Later in college, I convinced my mother to let me purchase, as part of the academic requirement, The Calling’s Camino Palmero and II (this time in CD) for the pretense that all the songs that we’ll be using for the student broadcast should be original. Technically, I wasn’t lying. Got the CDs 😀 The first two CD albums I acquired. The only albums I’ve purchased so far.

Looking back, I wish I could just have invested in collecting Nickelback albums. The high school version of me was too obsessed with Alex Band’s looks (even if he was already married at the time) – and yes, the vocals 😀

After that, I seemed to have forgotten about these bands. Perhaps, it just wasn’t a priority. I watched their music videos and listen to the songs when I happen to come across them. I hadn’t though of buying or completing their albums. Now, I’m considering it.

These were the bands I learned to like in high school. Their songs just stood out in the evening FM programs. I like the vocals. Plus, I could walk miles plugged into their songs. During weekends (or whenever the TV’s free), I’d camp in front of the television tuned in to MTV, Channel V, and MYX waiting for their music video.

I’m no expert in band reviews or anything related with music. I’m not even comfortable in classifying these bands into a certain genre. I am totally clueless about those things. What I do know, is like them. I could listen to them all day. These are the bands I’d be glad to spend money on to see live.

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