Destination: Naga City Day 2 of 3

The thing about being in a new place, there’s a lot of food to try 😀

I was supposed to have breakfast at the lobby of the inn. When I saw the prices, I opted to talk a walk and scout for other possibilities. Turned in a corner and then another and then crossed the road. I found myself wondering in the Centro in the jogging pants and shirt I slept in. My hair, well, it’s being its normal self – defiantly bouncing as I make my way to Bigg’s, hoping it was open at about 7am. I wasn’t sure if it was open so I had to circle the mini plaza to check if there were customers inside. Ignored Jollibee, McDonalds, and Chowking and delightedly went inside Bigg’s.

Now this was how Sunday mornings should be spent – with chocolate cake and a shake 😀 I couldn’t decide on what to eat for breakfast so I had a snack. Had breakfast later that morning 😀

The rest of Day 2 in Naga City was about home cooked dishes – plus the project we were working on, of course 😀 The food was great! Nothing beats home cooking especially if you live by the fastfood and carinderia diet.


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