avoiding fish

Patience was never virtue of mine. This, I realized as I cooked dinner over charcoal late afternoon. My father used to scold me whenever I manned the barbeque station. I used to fan the coals until flames blazed thus overcooking the outermost part of whatever meat happens to be on the makeshift grill.

I just thought that if flames were bigger, then there would be greater heat, and the food will cook faster. As expected, I did overcook the chicken.

We, they rather,  have been eating fish during my stay and I managed to get by. I’m not a great fan of fish especially if the dish has soup. I developed this dislike for fish during elementary when it was my responsibility to do the dishwashing. It took a lot to get the smell off the plates and utensils! I used to wash everything twice to get the smell off. And the family loved fish so I had to rewash dishes at least four times a week. It was a coastal town and fish was cheaper than pork or chicken (beef is out of the question. Too expensive) so fish was frequently on the menu.

That, and the idea that I haven’t cooked for the longest time. The electric stove I kept in the apartment doesn’t really offer much power for cooking. So today, I thought, I’m going to cook. Got a whole chicken seasoned, added some lemon grass. Salt, sugar, and pepper as seasoning for everything – carrots, potatoes, onions, and pimiento (there was no bell pepper available). Packed them in foil and set them over charcoal.

A few curious visits in the dirty kitchen from the family members and dinner was served. They must have been concerned if the potatoes would be cooked enough. At home, the food must be tender and soft. Otherwise, the food will not be appreciated by fifty to sixty plus year olds. So far, the father and the aunts has no complaints. If there were, they would definitely point them out. Oh well, they did ask if there was sauce for the chicken. The chicken must have been dry. That’s okay. It could have been worse. As long as it’s not fish on the table 😀


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