Destination: Divisoria

The eldest sister and I have this biannual trip to Divisoria for major retail therapy. The trip will push through even if it means getting a loan taking a long commute hauling the day’s purchases. Of course, if there’s an opportunity for private vehicle, we’d be quick to take that.

Yesterday, we were to fetch the mother from the airport. She asked for a van to be rented so she’d have a comfortable trip home. She was scheduled to arrive at 5:30 pm. That left us with a more than half a day to go to Divisoria 😀

We left Los Baños at 8 am and arrived at about 10 am. The remaining two hours before lunch was spent in Tabora St. for the children’s school uniforms and Divisoria Mall for the scents. Of course, there’s the occasional impulse purchases from  side shops. I haven’t even reached 168 Mall and I’ve spent half of the day’s budget.

We celebrated my nephew’s birthday over lunch at the extension of the mall. Got to eat a burger that’s not from McDo or Jollibee or even Burger King – and enjoy Wendy’s Frosty 😀 The nephew turned six yesterday. Content with the toy purchases. The third sister and the nephew spent the morning in a building of toys. I could imagine how overwhelming the sight of that great a number of toys must have been for the kid. At least, he had a specific toy in mind – he wanted a toy train.

We had until 3pm to explore 168 Mall, and explore we did. Although I did get disoriented a lot of time, we did find our way back to the meeting place. At the end of the stay at Divisoria, I’ve spent all the money I brought – plus I owed the third sister some money. So much for sticking to the budget 😀 Thinking about it, I’ve never returned from a Divisoria trip without a personal loan.

We did reach the airport in early. It was just five weeks ago when she left. She was supposed to stay for three months. Well… that’s my mother. She never does what she’s supposed to do. A shower of presents and a welcome dinner followed. All unnecessary but she does it anyway. The mother loves to do the things she doesn’t really have to do.

A family day, it definitely was.


To go to Divisoria, (from Los Baños) take the bus to LRT. You will get off the bus a few meters after the LRT stop announced. We usually have breakfast or take a break at Chowking. Take the jeepney to Divisoria in the corner near Chowking. Divisoria is at the end of the jeepney route – that would be the rotunda where you’ll see an old church and  purple fire trucks parked nearby.

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