first day of classes (and I’m sick)

What better way to start the day than a bowl of spicy beef soup (and garlic bread) on a rainy Wednesday morning.

For the first day of classes, I faced about a hundred and fifty faces. This is the largest class I’ve ever handled. I just hope they’d learn something at the end of the semester. Me, who never was comfortable in facing a crowd, will be facilitating the twice-a-week lecture sessions for this class of 153. Great. I can’t say this semester is without challenge. But I am looking forward to it.

There’s the awkwardness of getting to the normal routine and there’s that (forever a) plan of documenting basically everything that took place in class. It’s been four years and that plan remains a plan.

The cold got worse. It’s a challenge to speak in class without interruptions (my coughing). I just hope I’d be in a better condition next week. I have to be.


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