There will always be those moments when you wonder how you’re doing – in general. That includes your work (or career, if you consider yourself to have one), family, friends, personal relationships, health, among others. What sucks is that you really don’t have anyone to tell you how you’re doing. Sure, you have a vague idea of how better or worse your current state is compared with the previous year. But it’s never like having that confirmation of the teacher or the parent or that examination score that says you did better (or worse) than your previous performance in a task or output. Call it adulthood.

It is up to you to monitor how you’re doing. The standards are yours to set. Problem is, who will say that these are the correct standards? No one. I guess this the time we stop seeking for that approval we were conditioned to receive. Sure it does help if we were to get others’ approval especially from those who matter. The only approval that matters most is ours.



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