My work slash dinner table slash entertainment corner. All the thinking (varying levels of depth and rationality) happens in this area. Most of the crammed reports and posts and doodles and sleepless nights (both for movie marathons and requirements) were completed hunched on the stool, flipping lamp switches on and off, muttering an abundance of expletive (mostly addressed to me).

I often joked about how my space looks like a room in a hospital. Cream colored walls and ceiling. The only missing an occupant wearing a hospital gown. The two-week confinement last summer was a test of sanity. Thank goodness for the Internet connection and my stack of movies (and yes, books also).

I have this thing about corners. In all places I frequent, I always look for that corner, that nook. There’s a sense of comfort in being in these corners. It’s easier to find that focus no matter how noisy or busy the other parts of the room may be.

During classes, it was either being near a (back or side) wall or a window that I preferred. If I were found seated anywhere but, the seating arrangement would have been prescribed by the teacher. At work, I always found a way to have a corner wherever my table would be. Steel or wooden cabinets make that possible. Even in coffee shops or restaurants, if I could get to that corner space, I would.

It is weird. II just realized all this today. I don’t really remember when or why this started.




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