be done with it

Finally. Got my old prepaid SIM card replaced (for free) at Globe now located in SM Calamba (2nd floor). Got the phone plan application processed and went home with a postpaid account to be activated within 24 hours  (plus the free device). Not bad for  the three hours it took to complete all these. That includes the time wasted going Globe Calamba’s old office (New Executive Building ), being stuck in traffic at Calamba Crossing, and searching for the location in the second floor of SM. Commendable assistance from the guard at Globe Calamba. He was really helpful. Why can’t all security guards be like him? Thanks Manong! 😀

I’ve been putting off the task, especially the requirements, since start of June. I’m relieved to get that out of the to-do list. Dreaded for a week, been in the to-do for quite a while – it took three hours to be done with it.

Tomorrow, the same thing needs to be done with my registration for this semester.


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