dress day

A dress day is zero clean clothes day.

Me, wearing a dress, is indicative of me being behind laundry day. I forgot – okay, I was too lazy to get my laundry last night. I thought I had another pair of jeans for today. I thought wrong.

The thing with my dresses (I do keep some for emergency cases) is that they’re long. It gathers the dust from the floor.  Also, it’s a good thing I only have to take one jeepney ride the whole. It’s quite a challenge to gather the skirt and keep one’s poise in getting in and out of the jeepney. I also have to face the stairs. I have stepped on the ends of the dress quite a number of times. Thankfully with only few witnesses. Nothing extreme. But the neck burned from that sudden tug, thanks to my clumsy feet.

A dress day is not my best day.


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