first half: 2011 challenges in review

It’s time to pay that store a visit. I haven’t bought a book for… a long time. I can’t remember when I last got a book and completed reading it. I need to catch up on the monthly reads 2011 challenge.

It would great if I set a one drama series a week  task. But then, that would be too easy. That wouldn’t be a challenge anymore.

Here’s the summer recap of 2011 challenges:

  1. No fast food. Miserable failure for April, May, and June. I guess I forgot that when I got sick. I just remembered this challenge when I got tired of eating chicken at KFC for lunch this month.
  2. Daily blog.  I’m struggling but somehow managing to fill the dates with entries. Do they make sense? Do they have to? The future me would be amazed at how I survived such uneventful days.
  3. Weekly doodles.  I managed to draw a lot last summer. Two weeks of confinement definitely encouraged me to draw (or else, I would have lost it).
  4. Twice-a-week jog. I was “excused” when I got sick. That’s two weeks of being sick and two more weeks of recovery. Then I (again) got sick (flu) during the first two weeks of June and there’s was that cough during the two remaining weeks (I did jog weekly during this these times).
  5. Monthly reads. I read but was unable to complete reading a book. That’s three books to read for the month of July.
The first half of the year ended dismally. The first quarter was fine, as expected. The second quarter was way _______<I still don’t have the right word for it. Roughly, it sucked. Will continue looking for the word.> I just hope I’ll be healthier in the coming months so I’ll have no excuses for not meeting the challenges.
Good luck with that! 😀

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