I haven’t doodled in a long while. That’s indicative that I haven’t had a clear mind for quite a while. It’s been note after note of daily tasks. Transferring backlogs into the new day’s list of tasks. Nothing unusual.

In one talk, the speaker explained that the mind can only be productive – really process – with prolonged silence. That’s hours of undisturbed peace – no doors opening, phones ringing/ beeping… That would be heaven. I haven’t had that in a while. That’s the time I could waste ink doodling something, anything. It never makes any sense at the first few lines. I’d think of something as I waste more ink or graphite.

I haven’t written anything that’s not about daily tasks. Even I think the future me, to whom I’m writing this for, will be completely bored with my daily tasks. “Didn’t she have anything more substantial to write about?” she’d ask. Well, I guess not. Or maybe I’m not seeing the substance in things? Incapable of?

What I have written is what can be written given the time. Such a lame excuse. I get a lot of that from the students. I haven’t been writing much. When I find time, there’s nothing worth writing and when I do find something worthy to write about, I’ll be in the middle of something. (Still too lame for an excuse.)

I’ve got two options – to find more less lame excuses or to write and draw more – even if it lacks sense or depth or quality (or all). To think about it, I never really promised my future self quality posts, I just said wrote that I’d write daily. It would be nice of they made any sense. Nice but not required. That’d be that.


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