a new treat

Finalized a set of poster designs. Earned myself a cappuccino for that.

The appreciation for hot drinks is something I developed this month. That’s what I got from the prolonged cold I have been suffering from since start of classes. The usual frappe left me out of breath from all the coughing. So I thought about giving hot coffee a try earlier this month. Cappuccino, it was.

If I wanted to be awake, I always drank cold coffee. Hot drinks, even coffee, doesn’t work in keeping me awake. It relaxes me and then lulls me to sleep. True enough, I got some deep sleep the night I tried the drink. No sugar.

These days if I want to relax, I’d gladly have that mug of cappuccino. If it’s work, then on with the usual frappe and other cold coffee-based drinks.

Even without the cold, the appreciation for hot coffee drinks remained. A few years ago, I’d never considered enjoying hot coffee . Some things do change.




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