Soaked. My feet were cold from the rain-soaked shoes. My pants were drenched  from the knees down. This is the last day of registration for the semester and it was pouring. This is what I get for waiting until the last day to process my enrollment. I just had to deal with some things before I could be allowed to enroll two units.

It rained the entire day and I transfered from one building to another and back and then to another and fall in line (okay, I did skip some lines through contacts) so at the end of the day I could get one classcard. All that walking and waiting for two units and a classcard. I love it! I hated the idea while I was waiting and walking but once I got the card with the “REGISTERED” stamp, everything was okay. There’s nothing like the lines and the walking around the campus to make you feel like a student here in the University. Its all that waiting and walking that made me value each “REGISTERED” stamp I see on a paper with my name on it.

I love the  (idea that I got though the) experience – until I have to go through it again.


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