the mother turns 54

It was a challenge to get up this morning. It was raining the whole evening and the winds joined in. This weather is something I’m used to coming from Albay. We get heavy rains and strong winds every month. And it makes sleeping, tucked under the comforters, such a pleasure.

In this weather, the mother spent the entire day doing minor construction work in the site of her new interest – beauty salon n. I don’t know how many salons she has opened (and closed several months later). I’m hoping this one reaches at least it’s first year celebration. The sisters and I have always hoped for that. I’m not sure if any of her businesses lasted a year. It’s her birthday today. She’s 54, she says. For her age, she’s done well to keep fit. She shares pants size with the third sister who is in her mid 20s. The third sister was the one to point this out.

Spent the evening waiting for the mother to finish her construction work so we can start the cake tasting. All three of us brought a cake, none of the same kind. (Is that reflective of how different our tastes are?) The eldest daughter brought that tall mango bravo cake we’ve been talking about. Fruity but not that sweet. The third daughter brought black forest and the fourth daughter brought belgian chocolate cake.

Most of the evening was spent in family chat with the two nieces and the nephew around. Three generations of the family in a chat – reminders of the general check up, healthy diet, and weight loss; recommendations for supplements, beauty products; exchange of financial woes and work experiences… it go on and on.

It did end after the mother felt the effects of the day’s manual work on her 54-year old body – and after talking about her salon plans nonstop all through dinner.

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