i am number 9

That’s about five months of daily tasks, frustration, realizations, gratitude, and doodles. Weird to see how about 20 weeks can be packed in a one-inch thick, 5″ x 6″ set of notes.

I’ve been writing less and doodling more. Less frequent but longer episodes. I got to write more about other people especially since the third sister’s move to town. There’s a lot of plans left as plans.

Since June 2005, I started the conscious effort to keep notes on daily tasks, worries, and hopes since I keep forgetting things. Six years and nine notebooks later, it has become more of a need. It’s been part of the routine, some sort of therapy, or basically a way of hanging on to reason.

Looking at these journals, it’s comforting to confirm that something did happen in the last six years. I don’t know how I’ve managed to write something from nonsensical observations and keep writing. Most of them rubbish. I’m just glad I wrote.

The purpose was never to make sense or be intellectual. It was basically to rant and complain, to forgive and to thank, and to note how seriously lagging I was (and/or am) in my submissions. It is home to raw, selfish, impolite, immature, unreasonable words that will be refined by a series of considerations done with diplomatic, rational, and objective thinking.

And as one starts with the tenth set of notes, not much will change I guess. To more deadlines, complaints, regrets, doubts, and thanks 😀


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