few minutes

I missed it.

Woke up before five am to prepare for the run. I checked the clock and thought I had a few more minutes to sleep before going to campus. A few minutes turned out to be a couple of hours. When I woke, the sun was up and there’s that sense of disorientation. The pair of running shoes set near the door reminded me of what I should have done.

Last night, I had to go to my sister’s place to have my jogging pants and my shirt “air dried” (that’s the washing machine’s term for prolonged spin drying, I guess). I’ve also prepared a playlist for the run and made sure the music player was fully charged.

During those  few minutes, I was enjoying looking at some notepad and notebooks. I was in a bookstore/school supplies shop, none of which I have gone to before. I did found it weird that their stocks were in a stack of plastic drawers. I spent a lot of time, at least I thought I did, looking for notebooks. I remember having selected two thick notepads with and a Garfield notebook with larger than usual silver metal spring coated with clear plastic. I knew I was about to go to the cashier when I woke  up. I think I was more bothered about not being able to purchase the notebooks than having missed the run.

I guess I’ll just have to jog later. At least I get to test the playlist and meet the weekly jog challenge.


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