the eldest

This day made me realize how great it is to have sisters living in the same town. Got a dinner invitation from the eldest sister. As with any gathering among siblings, it’s the time to let off steam from work among other things.

The eldest sister has been busy organizing an event and nothing’s going as planned – as expected. She’s making the preparations for the back up plan. Over pad thai and spicy beef soup, it was nice to catch up and consult. She’s a decade wiser than me. The eldest sister is the person we go to for advice on matters that we have no idea how to deal with.

What’s great about this person is that no matter how much of a recluse I can be, she’s always there to reach out. With the third sister still adjusting in the new work environment, the eldest sister makes it a point that we have that get together at least monthly.

With the ten-year gap, I spent high school without her. She was in college then. She came home during vacations and semestral breaks. I saw less and less of her. I was about thirteen when she got married halfway through college. When I came to Laguna for college, she was there to guide me.

Imagine a bratty me living with the eldest sister and her family. I can say, she put a lot of sense in me – without the harsh words. She has a way of making one realize one’s mistakes and encourage them to deal with them and do better. Among the sisters, there is no sense of superiority – anymore.

Of course, there used to be a hierarchy of power. That’s always the subject of hearty conversations – the fights, power trips, etc. Now, everyone take turns wearing the wisdom hat, offering words of advise, encouragement, and painful facts.

But if we want the  most direct and raw reaction, comment, or advise, we approach the eldest.


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