four months left

I wouldn’t have believe any who told me I’d find myself sipping a cup of hot coffee in the future. Yet here I am. Its warmth is calming and calm is what I need to be right now.

Almost a month has passed since the start of classes and I’m still surprised to see the building abuzz with students. I think I’ve gotten used to about two months of quiet in the hallways. It’s not a bad or good thing. I just need to get used to it. I still need to refer to my schedule to make sure I’m on time and I’m heading to the right room before I go to my classes.

I’m just glad I’m finished with my graduate courses. Well, except for my thesis that is. I’ve got a research proposal to finalize this semester. I need that approval to start data gathering. Plus I have two major research papers to remove from my work backlog. Hah!

I’ve got four months left. Work, work, work! No more time for finding motivation and dithering. Write, write, write! (I guess this is me being calm.)


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