Day 23/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

It was pancit canton and pandesal for brunch and pancakes for dinner.

There were less burnt portions of pancakes. It was relatively more edible this time. I guess, I have to deal with a few more boxes of that mix so I could cook a batch with burning even one side.

Opening a pack of Luck Me Pancit Canton Extra Hot Spicy, now gives me the feeling of dread. In the past months, getting a pack with properly sealed seasoning make one feel like winning a raffle. It’s either the oil or the soy sauce has leaked or the powdered seasoning that has hardened. I’ve been eating this product making it a staple part of my diet to the horror of relatives/friends, increasing health risks for this already struggling system. Whatever happened to quality control?

It rained the entire day. I’m not sure what it is about rainy days, but I get hungry more frequently 😀  (I admit, that’s one lame excuse.)

dealing with unproductiveness

It was earlier this month when I made this. I was at the usual cafe dealing with the usual state of unproductiveness.

This cafe has great music selections. For this particular day, they went old school. I mean, before my time old school music. It was nice listening to the songs. On a rainy late afternoon, it was comfortable, relaxing, and warm.

This sketch was an interpretation of one of the songs. And me, being me, I forgot what the song title was. It had a Popeye feel to it. I don’t even remember why it’s Popeye I associated with it. It had a sea and travel feel to it. So much for providing the context.

When I was sitting in that corner, I wanted to doodle. I was sick of the faces I usually waste the ink or graphite on. I think I have hundreds of face drawings. None of them resembling people I know. So back to that rainy afternoon, I wanted something else. Then I remembered a colleague who dropped by the office to share an interpretation exercise she facilitated in the visual design class. She played a song for the class to interpret. The students’ interpretations were to take the form of the sketch.

So I thought, why not give it a try. Anything’s better that another distorted face 😀


See, when one feels unproductive in some aspects of one’s life (work, family, finances, etc), there’s that need to complete something for the day. At work, that’s quite a challenge since not all the tasks can be completed in a day. So in between few dates of completing tasks are days with that feeling of being unproductive. 

To deal with that, one learns to feed on smaller sources of that sense of productiveness in personal/creative challenges or minor tasks. Something that can be accomplished in minutes or hours. A home-cooked cooked meal, a longer exercise session, a sketch, and the like. It varies for each person.  It may sound pathetic (well, perhaps it is) but that’s how one manages to keep feeling (and believing that s/he’s capable of being) productive.



father and daughter [and a cat]

Initiating – and maintaining – a conversation with the father is quite a challenge. Whenever the youngest daughter is home, she tries to spend some time with her father. She pretends to be busy with something so I could be in his company as he cooks lunch in the dirty kitchen. She, with her not-so-sociable nature, awkwardly starts a conversation over merienda or as he tinkers with whatever appliance he’d be repairing at the time. She has accepted that there’s conscious effort needed to connect with her father. She knows that she needs to make that effort to connect with him and to maintain that. At some point, there’s dead air.

Then the daughter hears the father constantly asking if the cat has been fed. He makes sure there’s food for this cat who has self-declared that she’s the family pet. The cat’s actually a stray who found a convenient arrangement in the household. Every after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, one can hear her presence outside the kitchen door. She’d be waiting for the father to come out with her meal.

So the daughter observed the father attending to the cat. Slightly irritated, the daughter wonders how come the father would be so willing to spend time and attention to the cat when she, the daughter, had to exert the effort so the father would talk to her. The daughter realizes she has sunk to the level of competing with a cat for the father’s attention. How does a human compare with a feline?

  • Time. The cat’s at home all the time compared with the daughter who comes home about four times a year, and spends at most, two weeks. How can one expect the father to be more comfortable with the daughter?
  • Needs. The cat’s needs are easier to provide compared with a daughter. It makes sense that the father would feel more fulfilled whenever in the company of the cat. The daughter’s needs are more complicated – and expensive. Give the cat food and it’ll be your company. For a daughter, perhaps food will never be enough. There are greater demands.
  • Chat. The cat requires no conversation. The daughter takes the not-so-sociable nature from the father. It’s amusing to watch two not-so-sociable individuals attempt to engage and maintain a conversation.
  • Feedback. Words can cause greater pain than the hiss, scratch, or a bite of the feline. Usually, cats are more affectionate (at least, it’s interpreted as affection) than daughters who carry a lot of issues.

“True enough,” the daughter thought. Still, she cannot help but look at the cat. Sometimes, she wishes she can be that cat for a few moments. Nothing permanent. She happens to hate fish. And the four pair of mammary glands?! No thanks.

She looks at her father and wonders, is the father really more confident (and at ease) with himself in the company of the cat than his daughter? Her father, the same person she feared (in a good way), sought the approval of, and authority she valued most?

Some humor Fate has.

Day 22/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

Parasitic tendencies. I went to the mother’s place today to do the laundry. I get to save a lot with this arrangement. It was pork chop adobo breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I had pancit canton and pandesal. All carbo. Not the ideal meal for a dinner, I know.  I wanted something salty for dinner so I could enjoy the chocolate chip cookies and milk tandem later 😀

Nothing beats lazing around and nibbling on chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk  – on a rainy night.

make do

More than a year has passed and I feel that I haven’t been giving Dee the attention it deserves. It’s been a dream to collect lenses (meaning buy additional lenses – yep, that’s plural). I just haven’t saved enough. Heck, I haven’t even bought a tripod yet. All I was able to add was a remote control. It’s a want. Right now, I’ve got a long list of needs to deal with.

Macro and telephoto lenses, good luck with that. It’s just not a priority at the moment. I remembered this because of a few photos I came across as I was deleting some files.

That’s the closest shot Dee could manage with the existing lens. There’s a lot to review, relearn, and figure out.