free day

A quarter pounder courtesy of the third sister. Everything tastes better when it’s free. The third sister was paying tonight. Ate (and drank) a lot (nothing unusual about that) and spent nothing 😀 Thanks to the eldest and third sisters for the treat. I’m loving Fridays.

I thought the get together wouldn’t push through. The third sister had to attend the boss’s dinner and I was not as determined to attend the concert without the third sister. I’m glad we opted to attend the concert (tickets courtesy of the eldest sister) together with the nieces. It was a showcase of talents. While we were enjoying the show, (we later found that) the eldest sister was busy updating credits to be projected during the intermission, phone ringing every few seconds getting correction of and new names for the list of sponsors.

The three of us were all relieved to have the week (and the first month of classes) end and this was the time to relax, especially for the eldest sister.

Quarter pounder, coffee, and sisterly company – just what I needed.


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