Saturday shirk

Saturdays start during the afternoon. There’s the usual movie marathon (Kung Fu Panda 2, Sybil, I Am Number Four, Source Code, Hello Stranger) then more sleep. Did a little house cleaning and collected the laundry.

The head feels heavy from all the hours of screen staring. I just notice the time when the sides of the eyes start to twitch. From all the hours watching, why does it feel like I haven’t learned anything new? I am definitely entertained but I feel dumb from all the passive, non-thinking hours (basically, the whole day) spent watching movies and series. Well, maybe I am.

When do nothing but stare, press pause and play, and eat, and take bathroom breaks – and wonder why you feel dumb… <I realized I just described the pathetic life I’m leading>, is it any wonder that one starts doubting one’s intellectual capacities?


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