Time sure flies in the kitchen – in that corner I call a kitchen, at least.

Last week (or was it the week before that?), I had this feeling that I’d be cooking in the next days so I included some onion and garlic in the grocery basket. Early this week, I also thought I’d be cooking regularly. I did some cooking. By some, that would mean once.

By cooking, I’m referring to preparing food that goes beyond taking something out from the freezer and frying it. There should be at least four ingredients involved.

Then I saw this onion sitting beside the garlic cloves. How long has this been in the kitchen? I guess I got the wrong feeling. This onion (now a sprout) is indicative of how long I’ve been feeling wrong.

I did get to really cook but opted not to use this one. There’s just something about it. Perhaps, it’s the comfort in knowing that there’s something else living in this room aside from me.

I still can’t afford to keep a pet. But this one, it was effortless 😀


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