in a sitting

Finally, one book down for the monthly reads. Started reading the novel after dinner and managed to finish a little after midnight.  It’s no deep material. Not much thinking required. I’m just glad I managed to finish reading it.

We already have a copy of Spring Collection in the Judith Krantz collection in the hometown mini library. I wanted a hardcopy here and a rereading of the story.

This book reminded me why I haven’t finished reading anything in the past months. When I read novels, I should finish it in one sitting. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck in that page. There will be some attempts to read a few pages every once in  a while but I’ll end up hating the story, declaring it as dull, and skipping pages/jumping right into the last three or four pages.

There’s a lot of titles I’m looking forward to reading. I got four more (previously-owned) titles at home.

And, I was delighted to find a copy of Eat, Pray, Love at my work table, thanks to my room mate. Her sister gave up on the book, which is good for me 😀

Looking forward to more books this month 😀


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