lost in a dream

Woke up early – and then I slept some more. In a span of 15 minutes, I’ve waited for hours one evening in a makeshift bus stop at the foot of a mountain. I could see the upward slope traced by trees I could not identify. I just knew there were a lot of trees, it was somewhere remote, and there a muddy trail leading to the stop. There were also other people in the shed. I couldn’t remember how many but there was about ten of us.

I was waiting for a bus or jeepney that had UP College on it. I waited for quite a long time yet there was no jeepney or bus in sight. Then came this empty jeepney with Women’s Consortium. One of the females from the bus stop got on the jeep. The two of us crossed the highway together. I was about to get in thinking that UP College was the destination of the jeepney. I asked the driver something (although I couldn’t really understand what the response was) and then decided not to get in. I got that feeling of something being off about the situation. It’s that feeling when you see characters in horror flicks sense something wrong – but they proceed to investigate that dark basement alone or release the lock after an identifiable creature attempts to come in by force. I opted to wait for the next jeepney.

From where I stood, I could make out some buses parked. And then I felt like I was seeing the Turbina Terminal in San Pablo. I saw one orange bus leave and I was thinking I could take the bus and make a few transfers so I could get to Los Baños. But the bus went the opposite direction of where I believed Los Baños was.

Then came than sense of disorientation. I was at a loss on what to do next. Everything became unfamiliar to me and I’m back to that highway somewhere remote. I had no idea where I was. The feeling of worry heightened. I was starting to panic – and then I woke with a start. I was thankful. Then I panicked. I was late. Great.



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