Day 5/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

Had exactly the same meal for lunch as yesterday and consumed it in the same lazy manner. I will not eat chicken for lunch tomorrow. Still managed to avoid fast food for dinner.

I was able to walk (and jog a little) today. Thank goodness.

There’s just something about this part of the semester. Hunger seems to be a constant companion – and then there’s that urge to sleep after every meal. We need to make two batches of coffee for the entire day to keep us awake in the office. Usually, we can’t even finish drinking a batch.

And Manong dropping by, with his chocolate chip cookies and chocolate coated marshmallows, is not helping at all. Why do these have to be such good pairs with coffee? Now, I’ve got another pack of chocolate chip cookies.


At last, the neighbors have ended their love songs session. It’s been on for quite some time. Hours. For a compound like ours, the appreciation of music can be done during day time – when most people don’t sleep. Perhaps lowering the volume would be more polite – or better, get yourselves some ear/headphones.

It was helpful though. At least I managed to complete this entry – plus I’ve got material (something to complain about). So, thank you (and I’m not being sarcastic here).



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