I just realized, I only managed to keep my 100-peso challenge for 22 days 😀 Perhaps, I can try that one again sometime in the future for the 30-day challenge.

Other possible 30-day challenges can include:

  1. complete/write/ submit your research proposal
  2. finish research 1 (before the project reaches its third year)
  3. finish your task in research 2
  4. complete a novel (It doesn’t have to make sense – all those 50,000 to 80,000 words)
  5. fish as the only meat to be included in the diet (I don’t really like fish)
  6. give up that rubber shoes (Good luck with this one)
  7. no black tops/shirts (Now you’re being cruel)
  8. daily photo (Do allow Dee to capture scenes/people aside that’s not workshop related. Please?)
  9. daily realizations/lessons/questions (Put that sarcasm and people watching tendency to better use)
  10.  list – no work/family tasks or backlogs or appointments to be included. Minimum of ten entries per list. Of course, a brief discussion for the entries would be needed. (This post can already a sample entry.)
Nah, I won’t be able to do all that. Some of them maybe. We’ll see.

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