Day 6/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

Payday. Usually, I’d go to KFC and get myself a supreme bowl and Krushers. Not today. Not for the next 24 days.

It wasn’t too bad. The usual fruit stand was still setting up so I tried the buco shake stand. It’s a bit pricey for that (more like juice) shake that you get. A shake and a beef sandwich. For dinner, got a quarter pounder (seriously doubting the quarter pound part) for take out. Well, for the price, it was worth it. But the name could have been adjusted?

It was nice leaving the office before the bell rang. Spent some idle time to get some coffee. I needed to be in that corner again. I spent enough time to do some doodling. Water from the bottom of frappé glass kept dripping to the sketches. Somehow, it didn’t look that bad.

The paper of this journal I’m keeping isn’t really absorbent so the ink usually smears. It’s very prone to ink blots, which I used to think of as a bad thing. Not really, it’s an opportunity to do some shading.


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